Upcoming Events!



Wine & Trivia! - Every Thursday @ 6:30pm 

      *reservations are required, please call or message us to reserve         a spot

Upcoming Live Music- reservations are required while we're still indoors. Call or message us to reserve a spot


   5/28 Woodsmoke 6pm-8pm

   5/29 Ashlee Paradis 3pm-5pm

   6/4 T Ray Taylor 6pm-8pm

   6/11 60 Cycle Hum Blues 6pm-8pm

   6/12 Victor Cowles 3pm-5pm

   6/18 November Sound 6pm-8pm

   6/19 Open mic 2pm-5pm

   6/25 Tom Burgess 6pm-8pm

   6/26 Blue Steam 3pm-5pm