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The Farm

Here on our farm, we grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. We have our own chickens who provide the eggs we sell in the store. You may notice the array of colors in our eggs. We have several different kinds of chickens, so rather than just brown or white eggs, we have pinks, blues, and greens in there too! 


 Our strawberries are available during the month of June in our farm store. We do not offer pick-your-own at this point, and we sell them by the quart. They are our best selling fruit, and we love strawberry season! We use our fresh strawberries in the bakery as well, making strawberry muffins, pies, and strawberry shortcakes!

Following strawberry season, blueberries, blackberries, and fresh vegetables start coming in. We grow a wide range of vegetables and it may vary from year to year. Our cut flowers are available in the store as well throughout the season.

We are not a certified organic farm, but we do our best to use little to no pesticides, and try and keep our farm as sustainable as we can. If you have any questions at all regarding our growing practices, please feel free to contact us by email (

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