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Our farm is located on land that has been farmed since the 1800's. My great grandparents ran a dairy farm here, and I've heard stories of the big barn burning down in the late 1960's. I've seen pictures of it being rebuilt in 1970, and take pride in knowing that its still here. My grandmother ran a livestock auction for several years in the barn where our farm store is now. I have great memories of it being one of my favorite places to go on Wednesday afternoons.  Our farm name, Arrowhead Acres, came from the collection of arrowheads my great grandfather found in these plowed up fields. I love the family history we have here, and have been working to restore the land and barns to their full potential. 


The idea for this business came while I was in college. I studied horticulture and ag-business management and I wanted to use that knowledge to re-purpose some of the farmland that had not been used in years. A lot of it was overgrown, so I set my sights on clearing it back out. A lot of mowing, tilling, and rock-picking later, I had a starting point! I started out planting berries, and then vegetables, and opened the store as a place to sell what I grew. In the meantime, I started buying books on viticulture (growing grapes), taking winemaking classes, and practicing with small-batch, homemade wines. We've come a long way since then, and it has been (and still is!) a fun, hectic, and exciting journey.

I started planting the beginnings of the farm in May of 2013, and haven't stopped since. The farm store, the bakery, and the winery have followed, and I'm so excited about everything we've been able to accomplish and the direction everything is going. Check out the tabs at the top of the page for more info on each section!

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